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Thu, 04 Apr 13

In-N-Out Convenience

The Google Reader shutdown announcement has prompted several people to look for alternatives. Given Google Reader’s dominance and the general stagnation among RSS readers, most of the interesting services have been designed to be different. As a result there is not a fully featured, scalable, 100% drop-in replacement (yet). Google Reader power users will likely require adjusting their workflow and interaction habits.

If you are unsatisfied with the myriad of magazine-style or personalized services, yet looking for something more than a RSS reader, give us a try. We support RSS and Atom feeds in addition to links from Twitter users and lists.

You can now easily import your Google Reader subscriptions and feed organization into memamsa. Just upload the OPML and get your feeds in as RSS/Atom streams. Optionally you can turn your folders into topics with the corresponding feeds as streams.

As we evolve memamsa, you can be assured of a few core principles:

  1. We support your explicit preferences and selection of sources.
  2. We provide deterministic power tools and get out of your way.
  3. We think you have unique insights which we want to help coalesce.

We are considering adding some reader-like features, and are soliciting user feedback. If you would like to see something let us know.

For some, memamsa may turn out to not be their thing. They have the choice to deactivate their account. With a single click, they can delete their topics and streams, eliminating all data from their evaluation.

Stay posted. More in the works.

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