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Tue, 11 Feb 14

Bitcoin Today - 11 Feb 2014


The Bitcoin Bad News Round-up

The Glitch That Will Help Kill Bitcoin

As the world’s first, and most popular, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has by now suffered every possible setback a payment project could encounter.

Bitcoin’s endgame? A second firm suspends withdrawal

Bitstamp, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world–if not the largest–today became the second major firm to suspend customer withdrawals of bitcoins from their accounts, or “wallets.”

The Facts

Mt. Gox, Bitstamp, and other Bitcoin exchanges have temporarily suspended withdrawal transactions

A DDoS attack is taking Bitcoin’s transaction malleability problem and applying it to many transactions in the network, simultaneously.

The Spin

JPMorgan - The Audacity of Bitcoin

…bitcoin looks like an innovation worth limiting exposure to. ..vastly inferior to fiat currencies, unlikely to be legal tender..

Bitcoin Is Not A Solid Investment, J.P. Morgan Report Concludes

“Gold Is Nature’s Bitcoin” - ZeroHedge

Jim Grant takes today’s testimony from Janet Yellen to task in this brief clip.

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