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Thu, 09 Oct 14

Top Links in Venture Capital

Ever wonder what investor-types are talking about? Check out vctalk.

VC Talk is an automatically curated collection of top links shared by venture capital insiders.

We follow the list of twitter users, looking for tweets with links, resolve them to their actual unshortened link and count the number of people on the list sharing the link.

VC Talk then displays the top 20 links along with a running leaderboard of those first to post them.

Links are scored using a reddit-style algorithm, where new submissions get an initial boost. Links stay within the top as long as they increase their share counts, but eventually make way for newer popular links.

Only actual list members are considered when counting link shares and retweets. So, links shared to, in reply to or just mentioning the list members are excluded. This ensures that a) members with large follower counts do not predominate, and b) the links reflect the intentions of VC community.

Several improvements are underway. The first is to keep a rolling count for the last hour, day and week. You can then keep up with the latest, while catching up on the important over a time period. In addition to more efficient counting, there are also optimizations for better link normalization to minimize duplicates.

Your suggestions are welcome.

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